The name is Joanne Elaine, but was given the nickname sunshine. And it got stuck with me.

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melbourne; checked.
12 January 2013 / 0 comments

So that's pretty much it from my Melbourne adventure. Many thanks to my wonderful and obliging models, Melissa and Boon Hee. I'm having withdrawal syndromes now that i'm missing someone as fun and obliging back here. Having said that, we agreed that any future travel plans shall include each other because i'm pretty much the boyfriend/girlfriend they never had hahaha.

Pictures are courtesy of my Nikon dslr and Mel's Canon dslr. This is our first collaboration in the sense that i'm the photographer and she's the stylist. It sucks to be separated across different states when our burning passions go great together. Be sure to check out and support her as well!

From the two that went crazy in Melbourne.

So, where to next?