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australia day.
27 January 2013 / 0 comments

So glad that i'm staying in the city now. With just a 10 minute walk to Darling Harbour, i was able to leave late and still get a decent spot to photograph the fireworks. It wasn't easy, being my first time. I had to constantly fiddle with the settings and shutter speed to get the right shots. Managed to get some good ones in the end though so i'm a little impressed with myself heh. All taken without a tripod btw.

Ending with my favourite.

Happy Australia Day!

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melbourne; checked.
12 January 2013 / 0 comments

So that's pretty much it from my Melbourne adventure. Many thanks to my wonderful and obliging models, Melissa and Boon Hee. I'm having withdrawal syndromes now that i'm missing someone as fun and obliging back here. Having said that, we agreed that any future travel plans shall include each other because i'm pretty much the boyfriend/girlfriend they never had hahaha.

Pictures are courtesy of my Nikon dslr and Mel's Canon dslr. This is our first collaboration in the sense that i'm the photographer and she's the stylist. It sucks to be separated across different states when our burning passions go great together. Be sure to check out and support her as well!

From the two that went crazy in Melbourne.

So, where to next?


pretty in pink and floral.

So i saved the best for last! It was really difficult choosing pictures as they are all so lovely but i do hope you guys enjoy these pictures as much as i do :)

The sun was shining bright on Sunday morning, giving us just the perfect weather for a day out frolicking among the gardens. Before our trip to Melbourne, we were doing research on ideal photo locations and i knew i wanted to have one at the Botanical Gardens and the Shrine of Remembrance. Turns out they are actually located right next to each other, which made moving about all the easier.

Our first location was the Alexandra Gardens. Our little photoshoot managed to attract this lady which seemed pretty happy watching us at work. We were moving around quite a bit so i couldn't keep track of which garden we were in after that.

We wound up at the Shrine of Remembrance after and my picture ideas didn't exactly turn out the way i had in mind so yeah, gotta keep working on that. Constantly feeling disappointed at yourself is not a nice feeling.

 Respecting my roots. There was also another pillar in which 'Malaya' was carved.

I don't think we actually took pictures around the Botanical Gardens because 1) there were too many people, it being a Sunday and 2) we already took too many at the previous locations. It was really tiring covering such wide hectares of land that at one point i was struggling with our bags and such acting as weights.

To compensate for our aching backs and feet, we had yums good gelato before heading home. Well hey, there will always be that sliver of energy to walk a distance for guilty indulgences no?

// With Melissa.

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the heat of summer sunshine.
08 January 2013 / 0 comments

It was so hard finding a place for brunch on new year's eve, and after 2 attempts at different locations, we finally settled for one that was open; Inkr7 Bar & Grill. I give this place 2 thumbs up because it was just that good! And to think we stumbled upon this place as a last resort. Very satisfied tummy indeed.

Toast with the most on multigrain tost with cannellini bean dip, ham, herbed ricotta, avocado, fresh roma tomato and pesto oil.

Potato & zucchini hash cakes topped with smoked ocean trout, poached eggs and chive sour cream with extra mushrooms.

Eggs pancetta with eggs on toast, pancetta, cherry tomatoes, fetta and pesto oil.

7 Inkerman Street,
St Kilda VIC 3182.

Yeah just realized the food pictures aren't exactly in proper focus cause we were way past starving by then and just couldn't wait to start eating. Apologies for that.

We had plans to visit Brighton's beach that day, and the weather could not get any hotter than it was. Being the photographer meant sore feet from the scorching hot sand so i'd do this little dance after taking a picture, just to cool them off. It was also our last day of photo-taking and after going through the pictures, i am so happy with how they all turned out. Great end to my Melbourne adventure :D

I think the splashes of colour are what makes me love these pictures. Unfortunately, i was feeling pretty unglamourous that day so no pictures of me heh.

// With Melissa and Boon Hee.

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the great ocean drive.
06 January 2013 / 0 comments

Located about 4hrs away from the heart of Melbourne, sits mysterious stacks of rocks lining up against the coastline, otherwise known as the 12 Apostles. Mel's friend, Valerie, was wonderful enough to agree on taking us there and after what seemed like forever, we arrived in a huddle of people all as curious as we were. We did however, make a couple of pit stops along the way, prolonging our arrival. Driving along the coastline, it's hard not to stop and marvel at the scenery and outskirt beaches.

It was already late afternoon when we finally arrived, making the sun at the worst position ever. Sad to say, what was known as the 12 Apostles has since become only 7 due to massive deterioration. What's worse, i had to fight my way to get decent pictures and snapping at the right moment before anyone walked into my frame, which was rather difficult. I guess this is what you get at tourist destinations ey.

It felt funny to be traveling so far, looking at a bunch of block-ish rocks for a minuscule of a time, then heading back home. Luckily enough, the drive home was much faster as we traveled back inland. And as i watched the sunset through the windows of the backseat, i couldn't help but feel a serene feeling. The comfort of traveling with the right company and doing the things you love; this just is bliss.

// With Melissa.

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eureka skydeck.

I am considerably scared of heights but only when exposed out in the open. And i would definitely kick myself over it if i didn't visit the Eureka Skydeck on my trip to Melbourne. Standing on the 88th floor, you can see the entire Melbourne city being stretched out like a still map. The sun was starting to set and light reflections from the viewing area got in the way, which was rather annoying. Thankfully, i managed to snap a couple of good shots before both the crowd and the absence of a tripod started disrupting my shots.

But even with the excitement of being up on the 88th floor, and the need to clear the pressure from my ears 5 times on the 38-second lift ride, the highlight of our skydeck adventure was actually when we discovered a photo booth! All attention was directed to cramming ourselves in that little booth and even queuing up for another round. The pictures: priceless.