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circular quay.
25 November 2012 / 0 comments

I can never get bored of the lifestyle and sights of Circular Quay; clear blue waters, the amazing view, bars and cafes all around, and local entertainment at every corner. A tourist spot yes, but what's not to like? Life's always great when you slow down and enjoy the view.

I always manage to discover new locations and produce new ideas just by walking around aimlessly. Only problem is, sometimes i might not be able to deliver or live up to the standards that i expect of myself. That's why its always great to have a model in handy. Introducing Boon Hee, my visiting bestie who was more than happy to oblige with my demands.

I'd imagine shooting more pictures in this spot with a flowy dress or something really feminine. Just seems to channel a romantic vibe to me somehow haha.

Now that summer is approaching, the sun only sets around 8pm, which makes the sun at its highest peak even during the late afternoons. Really bad lighting for pictures. That and the fact that the Opera House was crawling with tourists so chances of good shots went down the drain.

Ah well, expect more posts coming your way!

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