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pretty in pink and floral.
12 January 2013 / 0 comments

So i saved the best for last! It was really difficult choosing pictures as they are all so lovely but i do hope you guys enjoy these pictures as much as i do :)

The sun was shining bright on Sunday morning, giving us just the perfect weather for a day out frolicking among the gardens. Before our trip to Melbourne, we were doing research on ideal photo locations and i knew i wanted to have one at the Botanical Gardens and the Shrine of Remembrance. Turns out they are actually located right next to each other, which made moving about all the easier.

Our first location was the Alexandra Gardens. Our little photoshoot managed to attract this lady which seemed pretty happy watching us at work. We were moving around quite a bit so i couldn't keep track of which garden we were in after that.

We wound up at the Shrine of Remembrance after and my picture ideas didn't exactly turn out the way i had in mind so yeah, gotta keep working on that. Constantly feeling disappointed at yourself is not a nice feeling.

 Respecting my roots. There was also another pillar in which 'Malaya' was carved.

I don't think we actually took pictures around the Botanical Gardens because 1) there were too many people, it being a Sunday and 2) we already took too many at the previous locations. It was really tiring covering such wide hectares of land that at one point i was struggling with our bags and such acting as weights.

To compensate for our aching backs and feet, we had yums good gelato before heading home. Well hey, there will always be that sliver of energy to walk a distance for guilty indulgences no?

// With Melissa.

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