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the great ocean drive.
06 January 2013 / 0 comments

Located about 4hrs away from the heart of Melbourne, sits mysterious stacks of rocks lining up against the coastline, otherwise known as the 12 Apostles. Mel's friend, Valerie, was wonderful enough to agree on taking us there and after what seemed like forever, we arrived in a huddle of people all as curious as we were. We did however, make a couple of pit stops along the way, prolonging our arrival. Driving along the coastline, it's hard not to stop and marvel at the scenery and outskirt beaches.

It was already late afternoon when we finally arrived, making the sun at the worst position ever. Sad to say, what was known as the 12 Apostles has since become only 7 due to massive deterioration. What's worse, i had to fight my way to get decent pictures and snapping at the right moment before anyone walked into my frame, which was rather difficult. I guess this is what you get at tourist destinations ey.

It felt funny to be traveling so far, looking at a bunch of block-ish rocks for a minuscule of a time, then heading back home. Luckily enough, the drive home was much faster as we traveled back inland. And as i watched the sunset through the windows of the backseat, i couldn't help but feel a serene feeling. The comfort of traveling with the right company and doing the things you love; this just is bliss.

// With Melissa.

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