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the heat of summer sunshine.
08 January 2013 / 0 comments

It was so hard finding a place for brunch on new year's eve, and after 2 attempts at different locations, we finally settled for one that was open; Inkr7 Bar & Grill. I give this place 2 thumbs up because it was just that good! And to think we stumbled upon this place as a last resort. Very satisfied tummy indeed.

Toast with the most on multigrain tost with cannellini bean dip, ham, herbed ricotta, avocado, fresh roma tomato and pesto oil.

Potato & zucchini hash cakes topped with smoked ocean trout, poached eggs and chive sour cream with extra mushrooms.

Eggs pancetta with eggs on toast, pancetta, cherry tomatoes, fetta and pesto oil.

7 Inkerman Street,
St Kilda VIC 3182.

Yeah just realized the food pictures aren't exactly in proper focus cause we were way past starving by then and just couldn't wait to start eating. Apologies for that.

We had plans to visit Brighton's beach that day, and the weather could not get any hotter than it was. Being the photographer meant sore feet from the scorching hot sand so i'd do this little dance after taking a picture, just to cool them off. It was also our last day of photo-taking and after going through the pictures, i am so happy with how they all turned out. Great end to my Melbourne adventure :D

I think the splashes of colour are what makes me love these pictures. Unfortunately, i was feeling pretty unglamourous that day so no pictures of me heh.

// With Melissa and Boon Hee.

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