The name is Joanne Elaine, but was given the nickname sunshine. And it got stuck with me.

Amateur photographer driven by inspiration,
and a lover of all things beautiful.

Current location: Sydney

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when walls speak through art.
01 January 2013 / 0 comments

So sorry for being missing in action lately! I have quite a few posts coming up but bear with me, i am not as free as i used to be.

I'm sure everyone knows about the graffiti art that's splashed around the Melbourne walls. I think its pretty amazing how they can spray out such details without making any mistakes, what with that huge of a 'canvas'.  Sometimes i envy how i never had that little creative streak in me to be able to amaze people.

Decided to split my pictures into separate posts so as to be more organised so pardon me if some outfits are the same. Oh and in case you still don't know who's behind the camera..

Well, now you do.

much love